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Life Insurance Franklin TN

Providing for your family is so important – even in the event of your death. Irvin Dyal & Brown will find the right life insurance policy that provides the best possible future for the people who depend on you. We offer a wide range of life insurance products in Spring Hill, Brentwood & Franklin, TN.

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Franklin Life Insurance – A Future for your Family

It’s not a cheerful thought but Tennessee ranks down in the bottom 10 states for life expectancy, according to the CDC. If you’re a male born in Tennessee you can expect to live for 73 years, and 78 years if you’re female. Unfortunately, death is inevitable for us all, and sometimes we are struck down even earlier than statistically anticipated due to illness or accidents.

Whatever age you are when you die it would be comforting to know that those you leave behind will be financially provided for. The way to do this is to invest in life insurance – the sooner the better because the younger you are when you buy a policy the less you’ll pay.

Life insurance works on a simple principle: you pay a premium every month and when you die the insurance company pays a lump sum (the death benefit) to your named beneficiaries, who can use the money for any purpose they choose.

Pay an affordable monthly premium and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have taken care of your dependents and they’ll be able to continue to live in the style to which they are accustomed after you are gone.

Irvin Dyal & Brown are leading providers of life insurance in Franklin, Tennessee, and the surrounding area. We represent more than 20 insurance companies so we’re ideally placed to find exactly the right sort of life insurance cover to suit your personal circumstances. We’re independent and therefore free to find you the best, most advantageous insurance deal from a reputable company, based purely on your needs.

Types of Life Insurance in Tennessee

There are two main types of life insurance available.

  • The most straightforward type of life insurance we offer is Term Life Insurance. It’s also the most popular type of life insurance, because it is the most economical. You sign up to a Term Life policy for a set length of time – usually 10, 20 or 30 years. If you die during the term of the policy your beneficiary receives the full death benefit. If you survive past the end of the term, however, you forfeit all the payout, which is retained by the insurance provider. Some Term Life insurance policies allow for renewals, and/or conversion into Permanent (Whole Life) policies.
  • Whole Life Insurance Policies last for the duration of your life, if you keep up the payments. They cost more in monthly premiums, because a portion of what you pay in is invested in a tax-deferred account or savings plan, allowing the policy to build up funds and pay out dividends in some cases. After the passing of the years with some policies you can borrow against the accumulated cash value, or make a withdrawal, and if you decide to end the policy you can be paid out the cash value.

The benefits inherent in the varied elements of different life insurance policies are confusing and complex, so you are well-advised to seek help from a life insurance specialist when deciding which policy to buy.

Cost of Life Insurance in Tennessee

Your monthly life insurance premiums will depend on many factors, including how much cover you need, your age and gender, your state of health and lifestyle factors.

When you consult us for life insurance we will work with you to establish which type of life insurance would best suit your situation, and how much you need to leave for your beneficiaries in the event of your demise. Then we’ll factor in your personal health, lifestyle and risk status – possibly including a medical examination – before searching out a suitable quotation for you from a trusted provider, offering the cover you want and need.

It’s difficult to put a price on your life, or even generalize on the cost of life insurance in Tennessee, because life insurance isn’t a “one size fits all” purchase. However, most of our clients who come to us for a quotation are usually pleasantly surprised at how affordable the monthly premiums work out to be when you purchase a life insurance policy.

Give your loved ones the greatest gift of all

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