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Auto Insurance

Paying too much for your insurance? Let Irvin-Dyal & Brown help you get the lowest possible rate. We offer car insurance in Spring Hill, Brentwood & Franklin, TN.

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Discounts are available for:

  • Good students
  • Drivers training
  • Homeowner’s policy with the same auto insurance carrier
  • Persons 50 years and over

Optional Coverages for your policy:

  • Free windshield repair
  • Flexible payment options

Car Insurance Spring Hill, Brentwood & Franklin, TN.

In the state of Tennessee drivers are legally required to hold liability insurance to cover injuries or damage you may cause to someone if you are involved in an auto accident.

By law you must provide proof of your auto insurance if you’re pulled over by a police officer, also if you’re involved in a car accident resulting in injuries, death or damage.

Limits have been laid down for the minimum amount of liability car insurance Tennessee drivers are required to have per accident: $25,000 for each injury or death, $50,000 for total injuries or deaths and $15,000 for property damage.

An independent insurance agency, Irvin-Dyal & Brown are able to offer their customers savings on their auto insurance premiums which comply with the law, and we also offer a wide range of other auto insurance cover options. Because we are an independent local firm based a short drive from Nashville, we are aware of the challenges facing motorists in Tennessee, and are best placed to help our customers meet them.

Although most drivers simply obtain a car liability insurance policy to meet the minimum legal requirement of the state, like most insurance providers we know the risks involved in driving without full comprehensive and collision insurance cover. We highly recommend to our auto insurance customers that they take out additional cover and further insurance options other than the minimum demanded by law.

Comprehensive insurance is particularly important because it covers your vehicle for repairs and replacement for non-collision damage, for example if it is broken into by criminals, stolen or involved in an environmental incident such as a flood.

Our specialist auto insurance agents at Irvin-Dyal & Brown are happy to explain the benefits of comprehensive insurance, and will strive to give you the lowest possible quote, with flexible payment options.

You may well be an extremely competent driver, but accidents can still happen which you may not be responsible for. If the blameworthy, liable party in the accident is uninsured or under-insured you will be left high and dry, having no recourse to claim for the expenses (medical or vehicle damage) you incurred in the accident. To prevent this unpleasant – but sadly all too frequent – situation from arising, we recommend that you cover yourself with additional insurance designed to ensure you can recoup any costs. Ask us about our uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist insurance if you would like to be sure you have covered all the bases.

The auto insurance cover we offer at Irvin-Dyal & Brown will enable you to take to the road confidently, knowing you are financially protected from the consequences of any motoring incident. We are able to offer generous discounts for some categories of customers, such as good students, those who undergo driver training, those who are 50 or over, and those who have a home insurance policy with the same insurance provider as their auto insurance.

Speak to our car insurance agents about extras – like free windshield repair, or roadside assistance – that may be available on certain policies.

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